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O Fenton Wells

Dennis, I had a great time and wanted to thank you and all those involved
for making this a great RPM meet. I met new friends, saw many, really great
models and clinics, learned a lot and most of all left inspired to do better
with my modeling efforts. Please thank all those who helped for me.
Best Regards,

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The Savannah RPM meet got underway today. The first day featured clinic on
building a CRR F unit,railfanning and overview of the CRR and one on
building a CRR layout. To say it was a CRR day would be an understatement.

There are somewhere around 350 models on display at this time. This include
HO and O scale cars. Amongst these car are modified factory produced cars,
kit bashed and scratch built cars as well.

There are several outstanding passenger car models on display as well.

For the first time we have a good number of structures on hand as well.

While there are the usual suspects present we have several new comers to
the meet as well. Amongst these is Bill Welch who is giving a clinic
tomorrow, Saturday. I can't wait to attend that one.

Tonight we closed to doors at about 530pm and around 30 of us went to a
local sea food restaurant for dinner. For me, this dinner is one of the
highlights of the meet.

After dinner there were two options. Some folks went to tour an outstanding
CRR layout while others went back to the show and attended a slide show
presented by Bob Graham and Warren Calloway. These two gents fanned and
fanned hard and their efforts resulted in some fine photos.

Tomorrow features more clinics and the door prize give away. We have
sufficient door prizes that everyone should get at least one.

Doors close at 5pm tomorrow afternoon and the curtain will come down on the
2011 version of the Savannah RPM.

Thanks to all who have attended so far and we hope to have more show up

I urge ALL to make plans to attend next years meet.

Denis Blake
From Savannah,GA
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Fenton Wells
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