3:1 Reefer to Reefers to Boxcar ratio


I had mentioned earlier seeing a letter about the 3:1 ratio. Below it has been transcribed. This letter underscores Frank Peacocks post 98693 regarding the source of the order. It also expands the 3:1 into an additional 2:1 reefers for boxcars. The letter is to NP President C E Denny and dated June 7, 1950. Reference is made to April 1950 Freight Dept Reports regarding carloadings which came from each field agent monthly.
Dave Evans - sorry this provides no answers to your questions in post 98697.
Mr. Denney,

Referring to the attached April report wherein he states we lost six cars of magazines to the Pacific Coast from the Curtis Publishing Company.

This statement is somewhat misleading, in that Service Order 104 authorized the use of three refrigerators for one 50-foot boxcar under O.D.T. regulation which the Curtis people had been utilizing, and when the Ofiice of Defense Transportation terminated together with the service order, provision was made by tariff and revenue is for a 50-foot car under the multiple arrangement, whether three refrigerators for one 50-foot car or or two for one 40-foot, 6-inch car.

During April our loading showed two cars less than previous, and based on multiple loadings we lost the revenue of one car. In accepting the statement of Decker of the loss of six cars, under the multiple arrangment it could have been the loss of two or three (revenue) cars, as the case may be.

However we all know that the Curtis Publishing Company divides their business and Mr. Decker himself makes the statement that we should figure on a maximum division of 35 percent.

Joint tariff restricts the use of refrigerators as follows:

Via Northern Pacific - when loaded in BRE, FWD, NP, or NRC refrigerators.

Via Great Northern - when loaded in BRE, FGE, FWD, or WFE refrigerators.

Via Union Pacific - when loaded in PFE refrigerators.


Transcribed from letter found in NP Pres. Subject Files -
File 1477-131; Box 137.E.13.2f ; Minn. Hist. Society.
Jim Dick - Roseville, MN

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