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I will indeed be posting photos. I need a chance to get home and access my photo site. I will let you guys know when that is done.

Now onto a report of today's activities. The day began with a FGE clinic, The Legacy Cars, by list member Bill Welch. It was an outstanding clinic that covered the formation of FGE, its early operations and its wooden car fleet. Bill, thanks for a fine clinic.

Up next was a clinic my Bill McCoy on modeling acl/scl C628. Bill did a great job covering the various aspects of the prototype and then building a credible model from the Rivarossi model of decades ago. Bill, thanks for your efforts on a fine very good clinic.

Around noon we broke for lunch until 1PM.

At one PM we held our usual door prize giveaways. A GREAT
time was had by all. We had enough door prizes that some folks actually got to pick twice!!!

The rest of the afternoon featured the second half of Bills FGE clinic. A clinic my Carl Merchand as well. I didn't attend due to other things going on and I don't remember what the clinic was about. Regardless Carl is an outstanding modeler and I am certain that the clinic was good. List member Fenton Wells presented a Southern Railway box car clinic. This was Fentons first trip here and her stepped right up to the plate. Thanks Fenton for a fine effort. We look forward to your promised clinic next year.

I am certain that I missed stuff. For that I apologize. As a person involved in the planning of this meet
I want to thank all that attended. I especially want to thank those who presented clinics and the like. I would also like to thank the manufacturers and sponsors who allow this event to happen and make it enjoyable for folks to attend.

Oh, final model count, 425! We will take that.

Denis Blake
Reporting from Savannah,GA
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Denis, appreciate the news from Savannah! Any chance that you (or another attendee) could post model photos for those of us who live just too far away and can only afford 1 or 2 crosscountry trips a year to attend RPM meets? It would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Dave Sieber, Reno NV


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