Re: 3:1 Reefer to Reefers to Boxcar ratio


I thought list member might want the following information.

Total refrigerator carloads from 1940 thru 1948 and number loaded on 3:1 plan forwarded to West Coast. It should be noted that the verbage in the order stated "up" to 3 for 1 plan, sometimes as Jim indicated it was a 2 for 1 plan depending on the equipment needed.

1940 Total 1,526,900.
1941 Total 1,663,490.
1942 Total 1,865,014. Total loaded westbound in 1942 before ICC Service order 104 was put in place: 34,645
1943 Total 1,889,933. Total on 3:1 plan: 92,082
1944 Total 2,233,433. Total on 3:1 plan: 136,902
1945 Total 2,262,147. Total on 3:1 plan: 148,192
1946 Total 2,163,788. Total on 3:1 plan: 99,924
1947 Total 2.177,341. Total on 3:1 plan: 102,497
1948 Total 2,025,202. Total on 3:1 plan: 48,988

ICC Service Order 104 was effective January 19,1943 covering PFE and SFRD ownerships. Suspended from Jan 1946 and then reinstated in full effective April 10, 1946. This was done because of a shortage of refrigerator cars on the West Coast.

ICC Service Order 822 was issued on August 10, 1948 and was effective September 1, 1948 placing the 3:1 plan in effect from Eastern territory to Pacific Northwest Territory. This covered NP, WFEX, FGEX and BREX cars.

After the end of the war, there was a decrease in Service Order 104 loadings for the West Coast. Of the total refrigerator cars moving through Ogden, Salt Lake, El Paso, Belen and Albuquerque, the loaded cars increased from 12.2 percent in 1942 to approximately 50 percent in 1945. Keep in mind that the total vs the 3:1 plan will be skewed if compared account the total loaded does not isolate only the loads from the West Coast.

Office of Defense Transporation (ODT) was terminated on June 30, 1949. On the same date ICC Service Order 102 and 822 were allowed to expire. Prior to the expiration date they were issued in tariff form and the westbound loading of refrigerator cars continued under the tariff provisions.

Percentage of empty refrigerator car miles to total loaded:
1942 43.8
1943 38.1
1944 35.1
1945 34.0
1946 38.6
1947 38.8
1948 39.6

The increase in empty mileage in 1948 was brought about by the return to owners of their authority to direct movement of their cars.

Dan Holbrook

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