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Jim Mischke

Tis' factual. I have a whole B&O drawing devoted to these circled letters and their meaning.

Circle T means clean and fit for LCL service.

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Tim I'm almost 100% confident in my answer. Jim will come along soon and
confirm this for us.

The Boxcars with slogans on them were more billboards than cars that were
used for the LCL service. B&O used the Circle T to indicate that the cars
met the requirements for LCL use.

Ken Braden

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Question 1. What does the "Circle T" indicate?

Answer: From my understanding it is an indication on the car that
the car was approved for less than carload use. (Time Saver Service


Are we certain of this Circle T interpretation? I ask because the
Nov-Dec 2006 issue of B&O Modeler mentions that hopper cars received
a "Circle H" emblem if they were reconstructed with money from the
Reconstruction Finance Corporation. Other hopper cars received a
"Circle X" emblem if they were not in revenue service, and were only
to be used for company coal.

Jim Mischke has provided the LCL explanation to STMFC before (2005 and
2009), but no one ever cited any source documents for this. I'd hate for
us to be spreading mythology instead of facts. The Circle T for LCL is
plausible... but is it factual?

Tim O'Connor

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