2011 Savannah Meet photos posted


This past weekend the 11th Annual Savannah RPM meet was held. We had about 65 or so attendees and over 400 models on display as well. Our door prize tables runeth over. For the first time ever we had to use two tables to hold the door prizes.

Anyhow, this link will take you to my photobucket site. I have uploaded some photos and have plenty more to do. Some have comments, lots don’t. There are some dupes or near dupes and I need to cull those out. Over time I will take care of these situations. Until then, I ask that enjoy what I have posted at http://s1187.photobucket.com/home/salguy1

Feel free to send comments to me at dblake7@...

Denis Blake

2011 Central Ohio Prototype Modelers Meet, May 19-21


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