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Jim Wolf

Is this photo going to be posted? I have much the same interest as Mike in viewing it.

Jim Wolf

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The recent plea for more wartime photography reminded me of a negative I own where I'd love to know the location. The other images on these strips of 35mm are in the Freehold area and elsehwere on the PRR in the 1940s. None are marked for date and location; one uncut roll was 2/3rds shot at the 1939 World's Fair, mostly Pennsy stuff.

Posted in an STMFC album called "Steam era freight yards," this image shows a yard full of cars along a river. It's likely in the New Jersey / Pennsylvania area based on the frames on the rest of the roll.

Based on the paint schemes in the yard, I'm guessing the image was made during wartime or later 1940s. Anyone more versed in freight car paint schemes and eras care to guess the year? Most importantly I'd love to know the location.

The original is 35 mm scanned so that we can see every grain. The resolution is what it is. The image is pending moderator's approval.

Thanks in advance ....Mike Del Vecchio

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