NKP/W&LE boxcar application?

Jim King

During the Savannah RPM meet this past weekend, a customer asked me if other
roads operated the same boxcar body style as my new Tennessee Central kit.
From what I've been told, NKP and W&LE also owned this car type (40-ton,
PS-0 end, flat-panel roof, 6' wide 7-panel door). I do not have photos of
either car but am interested in producing a combo set of decals and this kit
to supply NKP and W&LE modelers.

First off, is there sufficient interest from y'all to justify time to create
decal artwork?

Next, does anyone have proto pix they can scan and email my way (or know of
a source I can contact)? I have a fairly extensive network of "southern"
photo sources but neither of these roads applies to this region.

Lastly, do stenciling diagrams exist for either/both car(s)?

Jim King

Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.

Ph. (828) 777-5619


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