Re: PRR Merchandise Service Boxcars

Benjamin Frank Hom <b.hom@...>

Greg Martin wrote:

The reply you pulled down regarding the Merchandise Service cars was
incomplete as I went on to say:
"Again, LCL service which died off in the mid fifties, when cars went short
and the management of the nations cars was a problem for all the railroads
car applicators."
This does support my statement and makes perfect sense that with the LCL
business all but dead by 1954 and a definite car shortage nationwide the
were likely used in general merchandise service. Remember Pennsy reminded
receivers that car turn over was critical with their slogan "Don't Stand Me
Still" applied to their X29D rebuilt cars.

Oops. Meant to include it, but snipped too much out of the original e-mail.
Sorry about that - I shouldn't post stuff after Caipirinhas at the "Grill
from Ipanema" in Adams-Morgan last night. However, I wasn't sure about when
the LCL numbers started to really drop off which is why I asked Tim to chime

Judging from what we've discussed about boxcar utilization on this list over
the past year or so, I don't think a shortage of boxcars was limited to the
mid-1950s, but was generally present from 1941 through the late 1950s. I
remember a scene in one of the AAR WWII films where a railroad shipping
agent was reminding a receiver of his patriotic duty to get his cars
unloaded quickly so that they could be made available for another load. I
definitely agree with you and Tim that the drop-off in LCL made available a
pool of fairly new boxcars for general service - the later we get in the
50s, the more likely that these cars made it off line.

We do need to find a better DSMS boxcar shot though - the one of PRR 24168
with the pigeon colony on top of it doesn't make it look like the car
utilization campaign was too successful! ;-)

Ben Hom

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