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Several other modern-era modelers have told me the same thing, that
cars are still reweighed periodically. But the STENCILING conventions
have changed -- the shop location and date are not required to be put
on the car next to the light weight and load limit. In fact, nowadays,
the NEW stencil sometimes shows the original built date of the car for
the entire life of the car! (Which is what prompted a thread about the
changes in stenciling conventions in the 1970's.)

I know this is out of STMFC scope, but you might want to revise your
article slightly.

Tim O'Connor

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Modern cars are reweighed more often than you think. Where I work there were a few cases were loaded cars were detected as overweight in CSX yards and trucks had to be sent from somewhere to reduce that weight.

Similarly, covered hoppers carrying plastic pellets are loaded while the car is sitting on a scale. Quite often the Union Tank Car mobile unit that's based here has to repaint the light weight stencils while the car is being loaded or in the storage yards before it ships. Similarly, Union Tank gets requests to restencil the gallon capacity on cars that the loaders detect needs changing. On a similar note, just this week the FRA sent defect reports on two tank cars outside of our fence requiring that faded capy stencils be freshened up. No location marks are required except on airbrake work.

Scale test cars still tour the Class 1 systems, and these are steam-era gems. The ones that visit here annually are WWI-era "Walthers" cars that still carry Carmer cut levers, stem-winder brakes and "Kadee" couplers. They are required to be moved one car from the hind end.


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