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I believe you should be looking for insulated box cars subject to Heated Car Service
The Railway Association of Canada, Code of Rules for handling Perishable Traffic effective May 1, 1938.
Heated car Service Rule 33
   Heated Car Service means that carriers will supply heaters to bunkers or tanks of refrigerator cars and light and extinguish them in accordance with "Standard Heating" or "Carriers Protective Service" instructions or in accordance with specific instructions of shippers.
 Definition of Standard Heating
Rule 46
  Under "Standard Heating" or "Carriers Protective Service" instructions, inspectors or other employees will light heaters as soon as practicable when the temperature rises above the degree mentioned: Cars moving under "Standard Heating" or "Carriers Protective Service" will in the event of a rise in the outside temperature will have all ventilators manipulated in accordance with Standard Ventilation instructions unless instructions on billing specifically states otherwise and also subject to Exceptions.
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Some examples of insulated CPR cars from Canadian Pacific's Equipment Data Book:
Series 35000  -  35500
Number of cars      495
Description    Insulated and heated 40 ft., 50-ton capacity box cars with 6ft wide plug doors, two independent charcoal heating systems, side wall ventilators and laminated hardwood flooring. 
Series 37000  -  39987  

Number of cars      596
Description    Insulated and heated 40 ft., 40-ton and 50-ton capacity box cars with 5ft wide hinged or plug doors, slatted wooden floor racks and charcoal heating system. Built 1940-1953. Cars in this service are former ice refrigerated cars restricted to heater service only due to condition of overhead tanks. 
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