Re: Foreign Road Stock Cars

Allen Rueter

Bruce, FYI it seems your web site only works with Internet Exploder.
Tho it does look interesting when I look at the source code.

Allen Rueter
StLouis MO

From: Randy Williamson <>
Sent: Wed, March 30, 2011 2:06:43 PM
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Re: Foreign Road Stock Cars


On my website: it does show
livestock being received from Union Stock Yard.

Randy Williamson

Quoting Bruce Smith :


I was surprised too - read through the paragraph about 3 times to
make sure Chicago wasn't in there. I know PRR FW-8 originated in
Chicago, but I need to find the keystone articles that described it
and confirm the cars "originating" there were from interchange, not
from the stock yards.

Dave Evans

I highly doubt that you will "confirm" anything of the sort. Given
rest times for stock and the marketing of stock, PRR stock trains
were almost certainly loaded at Chicago stock yards. Now, it is
important to realize that "stock yard" is about as descriptive as
"steam era freight car", as there were many types of holding
facilities. It may be that Chicago's absence from the
directive could have been due to pooling already being ongoing or
that access to the appropriate yards was via a single railroad or
belt railway.


Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL

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