Re: Foreign Road Stock Cars

Douglas Harding

We must not forget that a lot of livestock was finished, ie fattened for
market, in the Midwest. Market ready livestock was loaded at stockpens in
areas that by-passed Chicago and had connections to eastern roads. Peoria
comes to mind, as does the St Louis gateway. And most western and
mid-western roads with access to Chicago also had feed and rest stations in
the rural areas just to the west of Chicago. Animals at these stations could
be loaded, transferred to the IHB connections and routed to eastern
connections with the same speed of meat reefers. Thus transferring western
raised animals to eastern slaughter houses, eastern being anything east of

In regards to the issue of pooling stockcars at various major stockyards,
note all the locations named are west of Chicago and were through towns for
most railroads that served them. Chicago on the other had was not a through
town for most railroads that served Chicago. It was a terminus. As shown
above livestock could and did go through Chicago, being loaded at nearby
locations or at the feed rest stations.

Doug Harding

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