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Robert kirkham

Hi Jonathan

Most of the photos of CP's 48' cars I have seen are of cars re-numbered into work service and I lack a way of tracking the original car numbers of cars in work service. Can anyone help with that?

In any event, there are photos of CP353148 in Vancouver in the 60's with the fishbelly. The photos are clear enough to discern a clear seam between the bottom of the straight sill/top of the fishbelly sill. I'll see if a copy can be sent to you off list (I don't have one on my hard drive).

Also, your observations about the 339 series cars is interesting - I hadn't that of those cars. I'll see whether any of the cars is sufficiently clear to confirm CPR reporting marks.

Rob Kirkham

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I beleive you are right about those CPR Gons. I have never seen a shot of these in service but a builders photo of the CPR 75-ton 48'6" gon. with drop ends is featured in the 1946 Car Builder's Cyc. National Steel Car began building these for the CPR in 1937 with the series 353100-353199 in 6/37, another 100 cars (353200-353299)in 5/38, and a final 200 cars in 12/40 (353300-353499). The series were subsequnetly combined into the 353100-353499 series as seen in the Jan. 1944 ORER. They were rather low sided gons with an interior height of 3'.

It also appears as though there are some CPR 339000 series gons built by National Steel Car beginning in 1943. These 75-ton, 52'6" cars featured a fishbelly side sill and 14 panels. 1200 cars of this type were built for the CPR between 1943 and 1944 completing the series 339000-340199.

I have never seen a photo of the 353100 series with a fishbelly side sill. Do you know of any I could see?

Great photo. Thanks for sharing this.

Jonathan McConathy
Boston, MA

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