[H0] Sunshine 36' Rio Grande box car

Roland Levin


Excuse me for posting this question to both the STMFC- and DRGW-list.

I have bought three Sunshine kits number 85.7 to build the D&RGW 36' double sheathed boxcar.

I have some problems building the kit and need some advice. The roof is narrower than the ends. They will not go all the way out to the sides of the car. The roof will stop about 1 mm inside the outer edge of the sides. Is this correct? I thought the roof would go all the way out to the sides on this type of cars. The only pictures I have seen of this car is the pictures included with the kit and they are not showing this in detail.

I can saw the roof in two pieces along the top and slice a 2 mm polystyrene list between the two parts. This will fix the problem if the roof is supposed to be wider and cover the top of the side walls.

Roland Levin
Stockholm, Sweden

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