Re: Foreign Road Stock Cars

Bruce Smith

On Mar 31, 2011, at 9:27 AM, Richard Orr wrote:

The times quoted in the Keystone article must be referring to the
late 60's.
That is when the FW-8 departed Chicago at 1:00 AM.

From the 1952 freight train schedules and make-up of trains the FW-8
departed 59th Street yard at 7:30 PM CT and Colehour at 9:00 PM CT.
Rich, Dave,

FWIW, I feel that I should remind you that PRR Arranged Freight
Schedules were not timetables and did not necessarily correlate with
departure times. WRT stock, the times were likely pretty close, but
they do not convey either a scheduled departure or time-table
authority... more like a "suggestion" <VBG>. They were important in
determining closing times to make these trains, but again, that was
not necessarily absolute and a train might be held for a late
connecting block.


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