Re: Foreign Road Stock Cars

Douglas Harding

Randy I took a look at your website listing for

It opens in Firefox 3.6, but it was not until I opened it in Internet
Explorer that I realized all the blank boxes I saw in Firefox were supposed
to contain information about times, locations, etc. And when clicking on
underlined text while open in IE it took me to additional information about
the stockpens, ie how many, etc. Not another table with blank boxes. But I
was only able to see text using IE.

I tried it in Chrome as well, same results as in Firefox, the page opens,
but the information is not there to be seen. Basically anything that is in
black font in IE is not visible in Firefox or Chrome. Only the dark red
underlined text is visible in the other browsers.

However if I click and scroll over the boxes, text will appear, but
disappears the minute I click anywhere on the page.

I tried this on two different computers, same results. Apparently your
choice of font or font color is not visible in other browsers.

Doug Harding

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