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Jim Gates

CJ is Chicago Junction, which had the trackage at the Union Stock Yards in
Chicago. IIRC it was leased to another NYC subsidiary.

Jim Gates

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PFtW&C = Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago = PRR
PCC&StL = Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis = PRR Panhandle route

Rich Orr

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I would think livestock from Belt railway and IHB were likely stock that
did not pass through the Union Stock yard. I could not find info on other
Chicago area stock yards that RR's may have had for resting live stock.
Dave Evans


I have a fold-out annotated map of the Chicago area in 1938 from a
Chicago & Alton report that shows all of the active railroad yards in
the area and describes the Alton's (and the B&O's) use of yards and
interactions with other railroads...

Anyway, Alton's Glenn Yard astride the C&A mainline, north of Clearing
Yard and west of the "Stock Yards" is where the Alton staged transfers
to the stock yards. Other yards close by the stock yards are a Wabash
yard (appears to be joint C&WI/WAB trackage), Garfield Blvd Yard (PFW&C),
33rd St Yard (C&WI), 59th St Yard (PCC&StL), Ashland Ave Yard (CJ - this
is a large yard, hard by the stock yards, probably a major staging area
for the stock yards), Leavitt St [sic?] yard (no owner indicated),
Englewood Yard (NYC, just southeast of the stock yards), and 43rd St yard
(Rock Island). The only entries to the stock yards are a wye off the IHB
on the south end, and east-west entry points off the CJ (Chicago Junction?)
on the north end.

Notes say "BARR YARD of the B&OCT was the principal operating yard of the
B&O-B&OCT prior to unification of operations at Glenn Yard, Feb 1933". There
is a direct line of the B&OCT that runs northwest past Clearing Yard and
Argo yard and then connects with the Alton to Glenn Yard. So I guess that
stock could be transferred directly between the Alton and B&O. Also the
IHB Blue Island yard is just below Barr Yard, and nearby to the south is
the IC's huge Markham Yard.

Anyway it looks like Dave is correct that transfers could be made via the
BRC and IHB that bypassed the Union Stock Yards. I've never heard of these
railroads PCC&StL, CJ, PFW&C before -- their proximity to the stock yards
seems to indicate there were more actors here than just the BRC and IHB and
C&WI, when it comes to stock operations.

Tim O'Connor


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