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OK. For Tony Thompson...although others are welcome to chime in. The
SP 12 panel B-50-26 box car. Intermountain has produced both the SP
and T&NO versions. The SP version has a panel roof and wood running
board. The T&NO version has a diagonal roof and metal running board
[ at least mine does ].
Everything I know and every document I can access says the IM
T&NO version is wrong. Moreover, all of the Class B-50-25 cars, having
been built during and after 1946, were built with a steel running
board (Morton or Apex). Photos show that this was the case even for
the earliest cars in the class, built in July 1946. The IM cars also
need a wide-seam door, available from Southwest models, the same
distinctive door as on the B-50-24 Overnight cars.

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