Re: Steam era freight yards, take II

Tim O'Connor

Dave Evans wrote

This is the PRR's Phillipsburg, NJ yard on the Bel-Del .... there was a
hump yard here, and the hump would be just over and behind the photographers
left shoulder.... Further over the photographers shoulder would be.. the
interchange with the LV.


I am amazed at the size of PRR's operation here. As a Jersey boy myself, all
I ever saw in this area seemed much in decline. But besides the LV, this is
the main conduit for PRR-L&HR traffic through the Maybrook gateway. I'd guess
that the L&HR traffic was a higher volume than LV interchange here, for PRR.

Easton-Phillipsburg would be a fascinating place for a steam era layout - PRR,
CNJ, LV, L&HR and DL&W. All of them in packed into an area of less than 10 sq

All signs of it seem erased in Google Earth, but there was once a direct link
from the lower (south) end of the PRR that went under the LV and CNJ lines to
the DL&W line.

Tim O'

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