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Tim O'Connor wrote:

I am amazed at the size of PRR's operation here. As a Jersey boy myself, all
I ever saw in this area seemed much in decline. But besides the LV, this is
the main conduit for PRR-L&HR traffic through the Maybrook gateway. I'd guess
that the L&HR traffic was a higher volume than LV interchange here, for PRR.

Easton-Phillipsburg would be a fascinating place for a steam era layout - PRR,
CNJ, LV, L&HR and DL&W. All of them in packed into an area of less than 10 sq
On Veterans Day 1960 I took a series of three shots of the PRR Phillipsburg facilities from across the river just south of Easton. A couple of years ago I assembled them into a panoramic view of questionable quality - at least, as best as I could. When taking the photos I neglected to overlap the left and center ones:

The line of cars at the left is no doubt bound for or just in from the Alpha cement plant at Martin's Creek, PA, a few miles north of Easton. The PRR crossed the Delaware to reach it, while the DL&W served it from Bangor to the north, and the LNE came up from the south. Fascinating place.

Tom Madden

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