Re: Intermountain SP T&NO B-50-26 roof

mike brock <brockm@...>

Tim O'Connor says:

As everyone here should know, any box car built for a US railroad
from 1944 onwards had steel running boards (until after the era of
STMFC interest).
Weeeelll, that depends on the definition of the word "is"...uh...I mean "from". If you mean by the end of 1944, you are at least correct that it appears that box cars were built with metal running boards after 1944. However, if you mean that no wood running boards were applied DURING are not correct. In fact, apparently the AAR recommended the use of "other than wood" on 1/1/1944 and wood running boards were applied on none other than Santa Fe on their Bx-38 on 2-1944. I mean...surely Santa Fe wouldn't lie...would they?

Hmmm. Wonder where I can steal a panel roof from? Unfortunately, Red Caboose made a B-50-23 with a wood running board but with a panel roof. So...forgetting the end and door issues...I could apply the RC roof to the IM T&NO having a metal running board. Hmmm.

Mike Brock

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