Georgia & Florida boxcars and LOs

Benjamin Scanlon


According to our rolling stock guru on our TT scale modelling forum the Ga & Fla had the following unusual boxcars according to the January 1953 ORER (they had a total of 305 overall, most of which were 40' 'Fowler clones' with either 3/4 inverse Dreadnought or 7/8 Murphy ends):

5002, a 40' steel underframe car - dimensionally very close to 7246-7500 and 8001-8060 series cars (the Fowler clones). Inside dimensions and cubic capacity are identical, but 1.5" shorter overall and 2" taller overall.

5004, a 36' steel underframe car, 6" taller than a 36' Fowler, but possibly is double-sheathed.

9001, 40' all-steel boxcar. Strange dimensions - 40' 7" inside length and 8' 10" inside height. Thoughts were that this car might be something home built or rebuilt ...

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas or info as to these cars.

Also, if there are any images or a diagram of the Hercules Powder 1002 series cement hoppers from 1929-31 I'd be interested to see. Particularly the six that became AB&C 52001-52006 and then ACL 86000-86005.

It is said they look similar to the G&F LOs. However I note that Grant in 'Rails Through the Wiregrass' says G&F built its cars, and the implication is it was postwar. However, the one side shot I have seen of one of these LOs indicates that it is of pretty ancient origin; not sure I have ever seen a wagon with quite so many rivets. ;-) I guess they may have been rebuilt as they are clearly stencilled for Douglas to Valdosta, GA online feed - and not cement - service.

However AB&C/ACL had only six and the G&F listed ten - 12076-12085 - so I'm not sure they were the same wagons, unless the G&F got four other cars from somewhere else and numbered them all in the same series.


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