Re: Steam era freight yards, take II


Brian and Group:

Just to clear up some possible confusion: Mike Del Vecchio posted TWO photos
to the ErieLack list; the PRR/Bel-Del Phillipsburg view we're discussing
here, and also a view of a Lackawanna freight heading upgrade at Clarks
Summit, PA... He posted them both as "Where Are These From" quiz shots, so
the confusion is justifiable...

FYI all, the DL&W shot is almost as compelling as this one, lots of great
STMFC's behind an F7 ABB-GP-7 lashup... Verrrrrrry nice! It can be found

Enjoy and Happy Modeling to all!

Jim Harr


Jim Harr
Stella Scale Models
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High Bridge, NJ 08829-0121

"On the EL list, Clark's Summit was mentioned. I don't know the area, so I
can't confirm, just passing it on to this list.
Brian Carlson"

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