Alpha cement [WAS Re: Steam era freight yards, take II]


Tom and Group:

Tom couldn't have said it better - Alpha Cement is indeed a fascinating
place. The silos still exist, and it was used as a grain storage facility
for 35 years or more; I am not sure of its status at the present time...

Some funky little outfit in New Jersey makes a pretty neat cast resin kit of
the LNE Martins Creek Station/yard office... Hmmm...

I am posting some scans of the DL&W 1918 Valuation Map of Martins Creek and
Alpha Cement in the 'Files' section. Pending moderator approval, they should
be there for all to enjoy in short order. Caution - they are relatively
large files of about 1.5 MB each.

A request to all on the list - I am modeling Alpha Cement (did a first-round
version of a clinic at last year's Valley Forge RPM meet) and would enjoy
immensely if anyone has any photos or other information to share - Tom, your
photo of P-Burg is priceless as it is taken from a vantage point not often
seen... Thank you for sharing it!

Enjoy and Happy Modeling to all!

Jim Harr


Jim Harr
Stella Scale Models
P.O. Box 121
High Bridge, NJ 08829-0121

" On Veterans Day 1960 I took a series of three shots of the PRR
Phillipsburg facilities from across the river just south of Easton. A couple
of years ago I assembled them into a panoramic view of questionable quality
- at least, as best as I could. When taking the photos I neglected to
overlap the left and center ones:

The line of cars at the left is no doubt bound for or just in from the Alpha
cement plant at Martin's Creek, PA, a few miles north of Easton. The PRR
crossed the Delaware to reach it, while the DL&W served it from Bangor to
the north, and the LNE came up from the south. Fascinating place.

Tom Madden"

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