Re: Steam era freight yards, take II


Tom Madden wrote: On Veterans Day 1960 I took a series of three shots of
the PRR Phillipsburg facilities from across the river just south of
Easton. A couple of years ago I assembled them into a panoramic view of
questionable quality - at least, as best as I could. When taking the
photos I neglected to overlap the left and center ones:

The line of cars at the left is no doubt bound for or just in from the
Alpha cement plant at Martin's Creek, PA, a few miles north of Easton.
The PRR crossed the Delaware to reach it, while the DL&W served it from
Bangor to the north, and the LNE came up from the south. Fascinating

Dave Evans replied: Thanks for the post - the white tower near the right
edge of your photo was likely just behind the photographer of the photo
that started this.


After looking at the two sets of photos for longer than I care to admit,
I found a landmark common to both. It is the yard lights mount on the
"twin" utility poles. They on the left side of the original photo and
to the right of the tower in Tom's photos.

Bob Witt

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