Re: Foreign Road Stock Cars


I don't understand these statements. The minimum resting time
was 5 hours, and animals could not be reloaded into dirty cars or with
old bedding. If I understand the rules correctly, there was no
alternative to cleaned and rebedded cars. I am not aware that the
livestock rules were waived during World War II. But if someone has
contrary info, I'd like to hear it.

Tony Thompson

Steve Haas is correct. The Car Service and ODT struggled everywhere to maximize use of the US freight car fleet. This is why the lowest car service compliance in history was during WWII. At many livestock unloading/reloading terminals a "pool" of sorts was established allowing the use of any stock car to be loaded anywhere regardless of ownership. The main reason for this was to minimize switching of cars to get them returned to their owners.

Yes, the livestock rules were complied with, cleaning of cars and new bedding was added, but without regard to who owned the cars.

During my first three years in the railroad industry I had the "honor" of filling in for the local agent whos territory covered two companies stock yards. I didn't mind the job, just didn't like getting dead livestock chained up and pulled to the chute with the Massey Ferguson to pull them out of the car.

Dan Holbrook

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