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For full disclosure, the back issues are in the works and we were working to get caught up before now, but ran out of time. Bob's article, while not strictly prototypical, was so good, I could not hold it any longer. I had it last April, but could not get it published in time. I love the creativity and the great modeling.


If you want more info and photos for the M-15-l or m, contact me directly and I can send some prototype and model photos (I have built about 10 of the F&C kits but have not had time to write it up). We would really appreciate you writing it up for us. The lack of prototype modeling articles is because we don't get enough of them. If anyone is willing to model and write, we are willing to assist with the research. The B&O HS Archives is always willing to help authors (non-memberrs included) with their work, just ask and give credit in your writing.

Bruce Griffin
Summerfield, NC

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Hi All,
After looking at the Mar Apr issue. The hopper looks like something to add to my project list.I like the early boxcar M-15 class wagon top cars too but most articles are about the M-53 class. I have the RPC on the wagon top cars.

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Ben, Bob Chapman, and all involved with B&O Modeler,

Thanks for your efforts producing this truly First class publication.

The timeliness of the material is evident.


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Bill Davis asked:
"Just out of curiosity what happened to vol 7 #1??
did I miss it or was it skipped?"
Bill, the September/October 2010, November/December 2010, and January/February
2011 issues are still forthcoming and are in development.  We decided to publish
the latest issue under the March/April 2011 cover date based on the material
presented in the lead article.  Enjoy!
Ben Hom
Associate Editor, The B&O Modeler
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