Re: Baltimore and Ohio hopper cars...

Benjamin Hom

Steve Lucas asked:
"I've been told on this list that B&O hopper cars had Duryea draft gear. What
online photos I can find confirm this, except for this car painted up as B&O
829839 on the Conway Scenic at North Conway, NH--

This car appears to have conventional draft gear.

Was this a B&O car, or is it a 12" = 1' reproduction using another road's car?"

Later classes of B&O offset hopper cars (N-41, N-44 twins; W-8, W-9 triples) did
not have Duryea cushion underframes.  However, in the case of this car, the car
number appears to be bogus as it doesn't fall inside any pre-1964 B&O hopper
number series.  The closest number series is 829300-829783, Class N-41a, 484
ex-LNE cars acquired in 1963.

As Rich Orr suggested, see my article in the May/June 2009 issue of The B&O
Modeler for more information on the B&O hopper fleet.

Ben Hom

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