Re: Baltimore and Ohio hopper cars...

Steve Vallee

Dear Steve...

The B&O hopper located in North Conway IS an ex B&O hopper! In the 80's the Maine Central had MANY 2-bay hoppers where you could see the B&O lettering showing through the MEC paint.

When this car showed up on the Conway Scenic Railroad (unknown if they own this car outright, or is owned by someone else and leased to them), it was a MEC car WITH the B&O lettering showing through the paint.

The Conway Scenic has a railfan weekend, usually in the Fall, where they run freight trains for the 100's of railfans that show up. This car was used both in the railfan trains, as well as a MOW car for the Conway Scenic.

It stayed as a MEC car for 2-3 years, then was re-painted back to a B&O car. I don't know if this is it's B*O number or a stand in number. I'll have to look into my files to see what MEC number this car had. Since the B&O number was painted out and the MEC number painted over it, I don't know if I can find the pre MEC/B&O number.

Hope this helps

Steve Vallee

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