Re: "Western" air dump cars

gettheredesigns <rick@...>

Hi Greg, I've been mulling this over, because I know I have seen the Western logo in print somewhere. There have been brochures and/or old magazine ads from Austin-Western for sale on eBay occasionally; you might try browsing there. Many of the sellers have vast collections of such items, so an inquiry may unearth what you need.
Good luck, Rick Aylsworth

Greg Kennelly wrote:

Can anyone direct me to a good image of the "Western" logo that was
applied to air dump cars manufactured by the Western Wheeled Scraper
Co., later the Austin-Western Co., and also (presumably under licence)
by Eastern Car Co.? Photographs in the 1928, 1946 and 1953 /Car
Builders' Cyclopedia/ all show what looks like the same logo but aren't
clear (or large) enough to discern any detail.

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