Re: SHPX 8K Tank Car Assistance

Richard Hendrickson

On Apr 4, 2011, at 3:03 PM, John Golden wrote:


I'm having a lot of fun rebuilding an Intermountain car this week
with all the
brass and metal parts, etc., but I looked close at my prototype
photo and found
that I goofed up. Turns out I missed an important detail on the
prototype photo
and it won't match the model I'm making.

Can anyone advise if SHPX had any 8,000-gal Type 27 cars with two
bands, no
heater pipes, no platform, and an AB brake arrangement with the
valve and the
reservoir on the same side with the AB valve on top of the
reservoir? I've
looked through Ted's tank car guide and Post-war fleet book, both
RP Cycs, and a
host of other books and can't find many SHPX cars to compare, and
none that
match. I haven't installed a ladder yet so I can with the three-
rung or the
full ladder. I hate to ask for help but I've exhausted my
resources in my
meager library.

Also, if I may, where the retainer valve?
I have lots of builder's photos of later Type 27s built for Shippers
Car Line that match the specs above. These cars were built in
1937-'41 and numbered in the 20xxx through 226xx series. I also have
an in-service photo that I took myself in the '60s of SHPX 20632.
The retainer valves were mounted at the outer end of the underframe
diagonal, inside the end running board and adjacent to the brake
wheel. I'm sending you a couple of scans off-list.

Richard Hendrickson

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