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This is one of a large number of single-sheathed cars which were upgraded to all-steel by MoPac at the DeSoto (MO) shop in the early 1950s. The original ends remained. Some cars had the Murphy as shown here, while others had inverted Dreadnaught. Sides are ten-panel, and the same height as the original. Roof is diagonal panel. The original cars came from several different series built in the twenties.

These small-capacity cars were intended for services such as the grain rush on light-rail branch lines, or other non-high-cube applications. Some were designated for LCL service, and during the rebuild they got a special blue and gray paint scheme with yellow door. None were ever in express service.

By the mid-sixties, their small size made them obsolete so they were converted in large numbers to MOW service, mostly tool or storage cars. Many had a wooden step added below the door, or other modifications to make them easier to get into -- this one apparently did not. Some others were converted to bunk cars with the addition of windows and even an end door. Most were never repainted, but simply had the road number painted out and a new X series MOW number applied. A few got complete, plain, repaints with minimal stenciling.

In drier parts of the MoPac system, some survived with paint and stenciling in excellent condition until recent years. Most of them that were on active track are gone now, replaced by 50' cars with roller bearing trucks.

Ron Merrick

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The Missouri Pacific boxcar photos are up. They can be seen here.

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