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On Apr 6, 2011, at 1:55 PM, WILLIAM PARDIE wrote:

My next project is the Santa Fe BX-11/12 raised roof boxcar. I bought
kit after a comment made in Naperville that proclaimed this the
Santa Fe boxcar. The kit comes with both a wood and similated steel
roofwalk si I guess I can go either way. My other question is if
these cars
retained the Dalman one level trucks on rebuilding.
Bill, the diagrams in the Santa Fe Freight Car Folio show these cars
as having wood running boards, and in the many photos I have, cars
photographed in the late '40s and early '50s all appear to have wood
running boards. Steel running boards of various kinds (Morton, Apex,
Transco) were applied in later years, but don't seem to have been
common on the cars until the '60s. So which running board you use
depends on the period you're modeling.

The Bx-11s had Dalman 2-Level trucks. The Bx-12s, built a year
later, had Dalman 1-Level trucks. So choice of trucks depends on
which class you're modeling.

Another point that modelers of these cars often overlook is that they
retained their original Bx-11 and Bx-12 numbers from the time they
were rebuilt in 1941-'44 through World War II and didn't begin to get
renumbered into the 210000-211049 (Bx-11) and 2211051-214549 (Bx-12)
series until the late 1940s. This fact isn't widely known because
almost all of the extant photos of the cars were taken in the late
'50s and '60s, long after they were renumbered.

Richard Hendrickson

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