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Tom Palmer

Hi Rob,
The Katy used Z bracing on all of their single sheathed equipment exclusively, both boxcars and cabooses. No pockets to trap debris and hold water causing corrosion.
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Tom Palmer

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A while ago I was able to make a trip into Sandon BC and take photos and
measurements of the freight cars there. Now I'm writing a description of
two of the cars. They were from the CPR 230000-233499 series composite
boxcars - boxcars very much like the USRA design. And as I write about
them, I wanted to say that when the cars were built in 1920-21, they were
more or less the best boxcar design on the market.

But I wonder if that is really accurate? For example, would the similar
cars used on other railways that used Z bracing (rather than the pressed
steel shapes on the USRA and CP cars) be considered better or poorer - or
was the difference inconsequential from the point of view of boxcar design
evolution? Meanwhile, was there anything else on the market yet that was
clearly superior?

Rob Kirkham

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