GATX 25994 and Standard Tankcar Domes


I was looking at an article in the July 1988 Mainline Modeler written by Mark Feddersen about his kitbash of GATX 25994. I am interested in tackling the same project. After some comparison with a picture of an ACF built Cities Service single compartment tank car in Ted's Steam Era Reference Manual Volume 2, I noticed that the frames look similar. I am wondering if anyone has found any additional information about the GATX car that may verify that the frame was indeed an ACF built frame and if there are pictures of other cars with a similar frame that may aid in constructing an accurate model?

I am also looking at building a Conoco 8000 gal tank car built by Standard Tank Car in 1920. I have been able to find some great reference photos of other similar STC cars including the photos of the rebuild of a car at the Illinois Railroad Museum which has given me enough information to feel comfortable constructing the frame. What I am trying to verify is the dome size. At first I thought it was a 60" dome but when I scale out a side shot of an STC car it looks like it may be bigger than that.

Also I am wondering if the Charles Winters photo collection is available as I would like to get a clear copy of the CONX STC photo in Ted's to develop decals from?


Shay Stark

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