Re: Georgia RR decals

Tim O'Connor

The photo scan came from Richard Hendrickson. Interestingly, Ted Culotta
chose this car number (19668) for one of his box car red models but lettered
it for 1948.

Tim O'Connor

I have diagrams for A&WP and WofA, but not for Georgia. So I only have
photos to go by. Another photo of a Georgia USRA rebuild just came from
Arnold Menke. This photo taken ca. 1940 shows GA 19623 with reweigh
date of 2-38 and painted aluminum/black. The reweigh date is probably
when the car was rebuilt. Too bad we didn't have this photo when RP CYC
Vol. 17 was published!

Thus it appears that both freight car brown and aluminum/black paint
schemes were applied to Georgia USRA steel rebuilds rebuilt cars in

Who is the photo source for your GA 19668?
Ed Hawkins

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