Re: A few PFE questions.

Dick Harley

On Thu Apr 7, 2001 Tony Thompson wrote:

>I am not as certain as Dick about this, because many,
>many older cars with yellow paint were repainted
>orange in the early 1930s, ...

Tony is probably right about this. My exuberance may have approached
irrational. The detective game is pretty hard in that era. The
drawings do not have 'Revision Notes' blocks, so it is impossible to
know the what's and why's and when's of revisions. Photos are
scarce. Just what would a company do in a Depression? Would the
10,000 or so R-30-1 to R-30-6 cars also get metal medallions when
repainted orange? I just don't know for sure.

Considering the tens of thousands of cars that did get metal
medallions, there seem to be darn few of those medallions around today.

Fortunately for Isaac Herrera, we have a better idea about 1941.

Dick Harley
Laguna Beach, CA

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