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Shippers were concerned about both insect infestation in old
bedding and manure, and with disease. The idea that one might put
clean bedding into a dirty car, or atop dirty bedding, would seem
untenable to at least some shippers. And of course the shipper's right
to refuse a dirty or unfit car extended to ALL car types.
Which brings up a couple of points:

The prevention of disease would be of much greater concern to someone shipping spring calves to the Midwest for "finishing" than to someone shipping stock to slaughter, where the stock likely had less than a week to live.

This makes the argument for reloading stock into the same cars after a rest. Much less likely to contract any disease from their own dirty bedding than from bedding that came in under a load of somebody else's animals. If the shipper had the right to refuse a dirty car, but also had to pay for bedding, don't you think that if cars were changed, the shipper's representative would want clean bedding, but at the railroad's expense, since the switch was for the railroad's convenience?


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