Re: Tank Car Photos (Library Of Congress)

James Babcock

The trailer in photo 24 tells me that we are not in the steam era and the ACI's
came in the mid to late '60's. The tank cars appear to be built prior to the mid
50's but Richard Hendricks can give you more accurate info on them.

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The link below is to the Library of Congress photo collection. This
group of photos is of the United States Nitrate Plant No. 2 in Colbert,
Alabama. Photos 23, 24 and 25 show steam era (?) tank cars. Photo 25
appears to have been taken in the era of ACI labels.,%20Reservation%20Road,%20Muscle%20Shoals,%20Muscle%20Shoals,%20Colbert,%20AL&displayType=1&itemLink=r?ammem/hh:@FIELD(D&#92;


DOCID+@BAND(@lit(AL1051> )))

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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