Re: Tank Car Photos (Library Of Congress)


Richard Hendrickson wrote: "TVAX 1053 appears in the photo to have
been a 10K gal. GATC car built before GATC switched from riveted to
welded tanks, so it's certainly a second-hand steam era car, possibly
from the U. S. military tank car fleet. However it isn't in the TVA
listing in the earliest (1965) ORER that shows TVA, nor in the 1967
ORER I have, and the photos aren't good enough on the internet to say
anything more to the purpose."



I was able to download the large 18MB TIFF file with TVAX 1053. The
lettering on the center sill reads:

"AT F.B. 10-10-63"
"BY - C.R. R.R."

I am not sure about the "R" after the "C" and I have clue where "F.B."
is. This repack info maybe from when it was last in interchange service.

Bob Witt


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