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Jim Pickett

Don't know the answer to your re-weigh question but I used to live in that area. Cooper Tire in Texarkana  Ark would have used carbon black. Can't remember precisely that far back but they would logically have been served by the Mo-Pac based on their location but KCS and Cotton Belt also served Texarkana during that time period.

Jim Pickett

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A while back we all enjoyed a well informed and enlightening discussion on the Rail Shop and F&C car kits for the carbon black cars.

Several years ago I started to build my first ever resin kit, the F&C carbon black car. There's nothing like starting with something simple, and that certainly was not.

It has languished a while but now I am going to finish it, but lack one small piece of information, where would a private owner car like this have been re-weighed and what suggestions are there for station initials? I model the area around the ArkLaTex (the corner where Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas come together) in 1957.

Barry Bennett
Coventry, England.

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