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Always wondered why more parts were not available for scratch building and cross kit building such as sides, ends,doors etc. . Armand Premo

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Nelson Moyer says:

Now that Speedwich and Westerfield have withdrawn from the resin
> kit market, the prospects are looking grim, especially should Martin
> decide
> to give up the business.

Obviously, Westerfield is retiring. However, I'm not aware that Ted Culotta
[ Speedwitch ] has withdrawn from resin production. And, F&C, Smokey
Mountain, SC&F and Wright Trak are still in operation.

I'm afraid that very soon, we prototype modelers will again have to
> scratchbuild desirable cars that aren't offered in the mass marketplace.

I'm guessing that many of us have accumulated so many kits that we won't
have to resort to scratch building for a few yrs...if the current list of
resin manufacturers were to disappear...which does not appear to be

Mike Brock

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