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Good points, and yes, someone could have done "kitbash" kits, with good
decals, to a much larger degree than what we currently see in model
railroading (it is the way to go on a lot of military modeling).

The trouble with earlier "Uni-body" and other kitbasjing kits, I have been
told, was the necessity of buying a lot of styrene "base" kits, both from the
"under buy" and "over buy" scenarios. Martin could not find additional C&BT
kits, from what he told me, to sustain the PRR Uni-body kit line, and so
on...That was the reason the earlier PRR X29B was retired.

Think of all the kit bash opportunities to be had with Branchline Blueprint

Elden Gatwood

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Armand Premo wrote:
"How about Sunshine's Mini kits?"

Apples and oranges, Armand. You're comparing resin detail parts to the
injection molded kit parts described by Bill Welch. Besides, Al Westerfield
just gave you an answer about resin detail parts. Martin's Mini Kits are
very useful (especially for significant cars that aren't available in any
other format such as the AAR alternate standard offset hoppers), but they
haven't exactly been marketed effectively.

Ben Hom

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