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Bill Welch

Well said Clark! Maybe this will get us off the wheel and onto a topic we can do something about.

Bill Welch

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To throw my 2 cents in this RTR resin debate. Why?
If I use this guy as an example, he has lots of quality plastic kits built on his layout. He will not pay the price of an RTR model. Like me, he sees no value is an RTR model. Why pay someone else to have the fun (I mean frustration) of building the model. Aren't we supposed to be modelers?

I've been invited to a few of the "Op to drop" weekends. Those guys (operators) will buy RTR as time savers, they done really care if the car is actuate or not. A box car is a box car, if it's painted for their road, great.

In summation: It's my observation in general;
Guys that care about accuracy prefer kits. They build models that have a purpose on their layouts.
Guys that don't mind inaccuracy, will spend the extra cash for a model they can just slap on the layout to fill a hole. Detail is not important.
Clark Propst

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