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Nope! You have not done all you could do. Ya gots to build 'em also... Then -- and only then -- will we all be blessed with super detailed and accurate Enterprise GS gons.

Thanks in advance for your gallant efforts to improve the freight car availability for the rest of us.

Happy Modeling,
Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

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What else? How about a multi-dome tank car? (Actually, I think a multi-dome wine car would do well for all the same reasons pickle cars do well, and still be useful for the prototype-oriented among us.)

An AAR stock car with the proper roof?

Attention ye gods of contrariness: Here is something THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN: Enterprise GS gons. I'm going to go scratchbuild a bunch of them right now. You watching, gods of contrariness? And buy a bunch of brass ones. THESE NEVER WILL BE AVAILABLE IN PLASTIC. [OK, I've done all I can do to provoke the gods.]

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

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Somewhere in the multitude of comments about RTR non injection molding [
NIM ] frt cars was a suggestion that there might still be a significant frt
car that has NOT been done using the injection molding process. By
definition [ for this message ], a "significant" frt car is one that
appeared in relatively large numbers on American RRs...but not necessarily
on ALL American RRs. Yes, that would include frt cars of all types.
Hence...the obvious AAR Alternate Standard 2 bay offset side hopper car.
Hint: C&O had about 20,000 and they roamed all over states from Illinois to
Virginia, north to Michigan. Two were even filmed crossing Sherman Hill [
gasp! ]. I mean, even Santa Fe had them [ 200 ], NP, NKP, P&WV, Clinchfield,
WLE, and Erie [ strange didn't go through Erie but...did go through
Brockway so what's not to like? ]. What else? about a 4 bay
offset side AAR hopper car?

So...what else...other than the UP H-50-4?

Incidentally, MP hopper cars operated from California to WV. Anyone know of
a hopper that operated farther?

Mike Brock

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