Re: Tank car question

Tim O'Connor

Richard, are you sure about the black paint? I have a 1952 color view
of USAX 10983, and it definitely appears to be dark green -- like DGLE,
or Brunswick Green. The lettering is yellow. I think Proto 2000 (or maybe
Intermountain) did a green USAX tank car.

The "light gray" may be "imitation aluminum" -- the color of UPS trailers.
Some photos show DODX tank cars in an aluminum color, but that's well after
the STMFC era.

Tim O'Connor


As has been discussed here a number of times, there are very few
> correct paint schemes for this post WWII welded type 103W car. The
> most common would have been the US Army Transportation Corps. While
> the Transportation Corps did have some cars in a silver scheme, I'm
> not sure that these cars used that scheme. Additional cars were in
> the SHPX lease fleet (probably black), SL-SF and few in other private
> fleets.

Bruce is correct. Many prewar riveted USQX cars were painted
aluminum when new, but AFAIK all of the welded cars were delivered in
black and stayed that way at least until the late 1950s, after the
reporting marks changed to DODX. In the '60s they were repainted
with light gray tanks, but I've never seen any evidence that any of
them were painted aluminum. Red Caboose issued these models in many
colorful oil co, etc. P/L schemes, but to the best of my knowledge
all of them were bogus, based on P/L schemes applied to earlier
riveted tanks. I have photos of tie cars in both black and gray
which could be used as a lettering guide, but I don't know what's
available in the form of decals or dry transfers.

Richard Hendrickson

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