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Jerry Michels asks about MP hoppers out West:

Mike, any details on this?
I originally wrote this on March 25, 2008:

Santa Fe gurus are no doubt pulling out what hair they have left today after viewing the photo on pg 25 of the just appearing War Bonnet, First Quarter
2008. They probably thought...ohhh nooo...when they looked carefully at the
photo. It shows a nice view of the San Bernardino yard in 1950 with mention
that the El Captitan is arriving. However, much more interesting to those on the STMFC that are always on the lookout for "eastern style" hoppers in
California is a string of cars 5 tracks away. Here we see no less than 8 MP
3 bay hopper cars [ maybe more ]...filled with what looks

Coincidentally, there are photos of other MP hopper cars "lost" out in the
"real west". America's Colorful Railroads shows no less than 2 MT's being
returned eastward on the D&RGW in Tennessee Pass and The Iron Horse and I
shows MP hoppers in...of all places...Laramie, WY.

To add to that and perhaps the strangest example is the long string of MP hoppers on a UP branch line in Utah as shown in the UPHS's The Streamliner. In the east is the MP hopper running from Lorain,OH, "back" to somewhere in West Virginia in a train of mostly B&O hoppers as shown on pg 40 of the book Baltimore & Ohio Trackside with Willis McCaleb...which contains some of the best color photos I have seen. One can surmise that the MP hopper never actually originated in a load in WV...a switching crew merely saying..."To hell with it" when they discovered the MP hopper in a train of very similar B&O hoppers in Lorain.

Mike Brock

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