Re: RTR Resin

Andy Harman

At 01:00 AM 4/13/2011 -0000, you wrote:
Rib Side, Intermountain and ExactRail all have ribside box cars.
I haven't figured out why everybody got the hots for that car all at once,
although at least there is some variation. IM's is a short rib car, EXR's
is a long rib. Rib Side has done a bunch of phase variations and paint
variations but their tooling - particularly of the early end - isn't as
nice as EXR's. I need exactly two of these cars, and I've accumulated
um... seven, none of which will do what I want without modification. I'm
tempted to cut the 5-5 ends off the EXR car and graft them onto the IM to
get a phase 2a(?) car like I want, but... I don't know if I want it that


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