Re: Missing Significant Frt Cars

Andy Harman

At 11:26 PM 4/12/2011 -0400, you wrote:
I think the car most likely to be seen on the prototype while
least likely to be seen on a model layout remains the UTLX X-3
tank car. We're always told blah blah it won't sell because it
is a boring paint scheme blah blah...
I remember Atlas running a certain tank car in "boring" paint schemes that
was impossible to get, and they claimed the billboards were more popular.
The boring paint was such a yawner that I got triple my money for an N
scale one I ebayed. It may be true that pretty paint sells, but accurate
and common paint also sells, even if it's not all that extravagant.

good injection molded X-3 couldn't sell 10,000 models. Heck,
if every subscriber to the STMFC bought only 3 of them, that
would be more than 5,000 models right there!
I'd buy three.

There are at least a half dozen models of MILW rib side 40' box
cars in HO scale, and those don't exactly have dozens of paint
schemes either, do they?
Depends on how far you go forward with your time machine, since these cars
lasted well beyond the boundaries of this list. Probably at least a dozen
variants to the Milwaukee scheme (taking into account what, 7 variants just
of the 40' car) and also at least two distinctly different base colors.


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